I have read and accept the payment schedule and cancellation policy.

MEDICAL RELEASE: In the event of a medical emergency, I give my permission to be treated by a qualified physician. I recognize and acknowledge that injuries can occur while engaged in skiing, snowboarding or other activities associated with the trip.

The undersigned releases and holds harmless DMC Companies Inc including Ski Travel LLC ( “ Ski Travel ” ) its officers, agents, associated companies sponsors and/or affiliated personnel from liability for personal injury incurred during any Ski Travel trip, tour or activity. Ski Travel will arrange with suppliers for transportation,lodging and other services provided in the trip. Ski Travel assumes no responsibility and cannot be held liable for any personal injury, death, property damage and/or other loss, accident, delay, inconvenience or irregularity and/or acts of default of any company / person, foreign or domestic, during the trip, tour, or activity.

Ski Travel, its officers, agents, sponsors and/or associated companies cannot be held liable for loss or consequences caused by weather conditions including, but not limited to, ice storms, snow storms, or rain. In addition, Ski Travel , its officers, agents, sponsors and/or associated companies cannot be held liable for loss or consequences due to delay, schedule changes and/or any cause or irregularity occasioned by natural disasters, improper identification or travel documents, denied entry by immigration officer(s), cancellation, overbooking, and/or strikes of airline(s), bus company(s), ground service operators, lodging in addition to force majeure, terrorism, acts of God and/or government, etc. Passport, passcard, or smart drivers license required for entry into Canada.

Under any or all of the above circumstances, no portion of land/air arrangements and/or payments received by Ski Travel will be refunded. Full activities scheduled only on busy weeks.

Ski Travel reserves the right to withdraw any trip/tour in this program at any time, to decline to accept or retain any person traveling under its auspices, and/or the right to make any changes and alterations to the itinerary, price, lodging, location, and/or other tour arrangements as may be found necessary for the proper handling of the said trip/tour. Ski Travel expressly reserves the right to evict and/or expel with no refund any participant on the tour for rule violations, and/or violations of U.S. Law, Province of Quebec Law at the sole discretion of the trip/tour operators. Participants will be held responsible for any damages to the transportation company, lodging or other property. Student representatives listed on this flyer are independent contractors. Ski Travel cannot be held liable for their actions.

I am aware that Ski Travel Unlimited / DMC Companies, Inc / Ski Travel LLC. is neither affiliated with nor sponsored by my college, club, fraternity, sorority or employer and my college, club fraternity, sorority or employer is not responsible or liable for any delays, injury or losses that may be incurred.


  • We accept credit card (online), money orders, and cashiers checks.
  • For complete payment options see website.

Cancellation Policy

  • The cancellation date will be the date we receive your letter.
  • Cancellations received 60 days or more before trip are refunded minus the non-refundable deposit.
  • 30-59 days: Minus the non-refundable deposit amount $270 + $100 ($370)
  • Cancellations received less than 30 days before departure are not refundable, but you can sell your space.

Selling your space

You may sell your space up to 14 days prior to the trip.

These transactions must be handled by individuals wishing to be replaced due to sickness or other reasons. Selling a space is not the responsibility of Ski Travel Unlimited.

Security Deposit

A refundable security deposit will be required at check-in.

HOTEL SECURITY FEE (Required for College Groups by the Hotel)

A non-refundable HOTEL Building Security fee will be required at check-in. Usually $25 per person U.S. cash. Subject to change.


Check-In After 4 PM
Check-Out By 11:30 AM

LIFT TICKETS:  3 or 4 Day Lift and Gondola Ticket included for most trips.* 
Except SHORTER Trips: 3 Day Lift and Gondola Ticket*

*A new single lift ticket is always issued on the last day.

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